Nails and You


We all need a break in life! A break does well; it actually makes you realize what you really need in life, what you need to prioritize and what you miss for real. Recently, I realized how much I love my nails and a small cracked nail or a broken nail can ruin the entire day. Thus the care becomes rigorous and styling becomes fun.

Let’s talk about Nail Care!

Initially we go for polishing the nails for that I would love to use the Basicare 3-way Nail shaper. It helps in filing the uneven nails, smoothen some sharp edges, you should rarely buff the surface of your nails as buffing nails makes them thinner thus weaker.

Next you can use simple nail polish remover with acetone which removes my nail polish fast and easily. When using a nail polish remover with acetone make sure to wash your hands immediately after use to remove all the acetone from your hands. If you have very dry skin and nails I recommend using an acetone free remover.

After removing the nail polish remove the cuticles with a cuticle remover. I don’t prefer cutting my cuticles, because it can cause thickening of the skin and cuticle area (eventually). Apply a bit of cuticle remover on the cuticles.

Moisturizing is what I would suggest you next; pamper your hands, cuticles and nails as much as you can. You can even polish your nails right after rubbing these products in.

Let’s go to the fun part now!

Styling the nails are fun, try on the L’oreal Color Riche Nail Art  from KOOVS, these nail art stickers are easy to use, trendy, does not need to dry and stays on for a long time . These are on trend gals and will definitely fit with any of your glamorous look.

If you wanna try on something new KOOVS has it for you too. The colors are bright, what I would personally recommend you are to go for L’Oreal Color Riche Special Edition Nail Paint; it is different, it is long lasting and will definitely suite your personality. Try it you will love it!


Sports Luxe Trend

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Sport the spirit of athleticism! Statement sports-inspired looks are making news on the fashion radar. Luxe fabrics cut into sporty silhouettes are here and have shown no signs of disappearance. Think high end sweatshirts and jogging bottoms paired with high-top wedged sneakers.

If you still are under the notion that sportswear is all about Nike shoes and sweat pants, you’re wrong. Gone are the days when trainers are only restricted to sports. Trainers are now considered a statement piece and are worn in a very fashion forward manner. Many designers have been working high energy chic with a whole line-up of statement sports-inspired looks this season. Taking cues from tennis dresses, basketball jerseys and sneakers, golf outfits etc, many designers have come up with exquisite lines of sportswear that are not only comfortable and relaxing but really chic, young and vibrant. Here are some guidelines on how to work it right with sportswear.

Trainers: There are multiple types of trainers to choose from; high-top, low top, mid cut, sneaker boots and slip ons. Among all these, high-top trainers are trending the most currently. There are wedged styles too that are really jazzy and attractive. Pick colourful wedged high-top trainers and make sure you up the glamour ante by teaming with a luxe hoodie and a sleek pair of leather leggings for a streamlined look that’s got serious mileage.

Sweatpants: Surprisingly sweatpants have entered the trend market and are adorned very stylishly. If you have seen how the B-boy girls or the hip hop stars dress up, then you’ll have an idea. Select a solid hue pattern or stripe detailed sweatpants and team up with low ankle trainers and a racer back vest top.

Shorts: If you want to turn your swag on, then put on a pair of denim cut-off shorts and team up with really colourful wedge sneakers and a bodycon tank top. Add a boucle jacket for a more chic edge.

Overalls: Not only on the sportswear trend overalls are making its way in but they seem to be a hot piece this season. Pick a 90’s inspired short overalls and adorn it with a tube top and high-top trainers or sneaker boots. The look is cute yet wild.

Hoodies: Ever imagined hoodies can make you look glamorous? Well they can if you know how to wear them and what to wear them with. Put on a miniskirt either studded or blingy and pair up with a really thin fabric made hoodies. Opt for either wedge high-top sneakers or biker boots.

The 2013 Maxi

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Maxi dress may seem a little irrelevant this season as maxi dresses are reported to have been over-indulged and overrated. But here again, maxi dresses are still making a comeback and have hit the stacks and they are not at all the usual long dress with floral prints type. The collection this season is considerably updated with new models and styles. You might get to thinking what can possibly be so different about this typical long dress. Let us break it to you, the range we have for this spring summer are designed for special occasions and are inherently evening.  Think evening dresses in lesser detailing, casual styling and less dressy.  Here are a few to navigate in this season.

Drapery style: This maxi can get daring. There are low-cut drapery necklines to one-side drape style in sheer fabrics that can make you look like a fashion goddess. Pick chiffons with sheer fabric detailing as they will create an enviable silhouette and will make you stand out in elegance.

Flounces and pleated style: They were considered a big NO last season as flounces were a little too dramatic. But this year, the long silhouette garment is about to get a dramatic flair with flounces and pleats. They are perfect for an evening terrace party.

Tunic style: Totally comfortable with its lightweight fabric and free cut, tunic style maxis are having its own sweet time as they have been seen adorned by many fashionistas. They come in different interesting prints and patterns.

Sheer fabrics with embroidery style: This one is cut out to make any female sexy, feminine and graceful. Wear it to grand parties and glamorous events and stand with pride and elegance.

Black dress style: The black long model type creates a slightly mysterious and rather elegant image. With different trendy clothing detail, the black maxi dress can get you to dress it up or dress it down.

Greek style: Now you can actually look like a Greek Goddess with this style of maxi. It’s totally classy, chic and very glamorous. With this Greek goddess style maxi, it is important to sport different spectrum of colours. For this season think turquoise, orange, emerald green, yellow, red, pure white, cream.

Embellished style: This one is going to make you look like a million dollars. It’s not just a dress, it is luxury. There are feathers, sequins, beads, embroidery etc embellished to give the dress a very rich and affluent look. If you have a ball coming up or a fancy event, be sure to adorn this.

Bell style: This style may give a slightly ball gown look but it’s totally wearable as it comes in very simple fabrics. It is suited to all body types as it demonstrates perfect waist, hides hips imperfections and looks really beautiful.

Mermaid style: Dramatic, beautifully designed, a perfect outfit for a gala event. Even better, it will give a beneficial effect on your posture and make you stand out in grace and sophistication. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Leap in style with Sneakers!

Get out of the stereotype of being into the comfort of sports shoes with a pair of jeans or trousers. The season is all about creating a fusion of coImagentrast; from the creative edge of the lead designers on the runway, we could see a classic mixture of ready-to-wear with edgy accessories, like sleek running shoes in various colours and camouflage patchwork. The main intension was to create the authentic sneakers keeping its technicality intact, but with unexpected colours and personal customizing.

Last year the runway saw an obsession over high-fashion sneakers. This season, however saw pretty much of the traditional form of laced up sports shoe but with an ability to offer unexpected contrast chic look with everyday wear. Thus, it is clear that the sports shoes are not merely used for athletic pursuit.

We would normally not accompany a pencil skirt with sports shoes, but when we speak about fashion you would never especially know what ensemble would make you look great.

Try on few of these sports shoes that are definitely hot this season:

Laced up Sports Shoes:

These sports shoes are the most traditional of all and are back in trend this season. Practically a fast way to dress up for your office without any broken ankle and heels, slip up into these laced up sports shoes to strut the office corridor. Team these shoes with your chinos or a regular fit jeans and tees for the perfect work wear that you would love donning.

Printed Sneakers:

These printed sneakers are hot; you can team it up with practically everything. But to amaze your spectators team these up with an ankle length jeans or chinos or any skin fit trouser and look equally good. To step out of the old traditional way of wearing sneaker, you can also wear a short skirt teamed up with a jacket, you need not be too much thoughtful about wearing an accessory, just keep yourself simple in your looks.

Runners Sneakers:

Get the marathon started for the day with these shoes, very trendy and the unique glossy texture is all set to make your day very comfortable. The unique detailed panel on the shoes make it look very trendy. These sneakers can be best worn to your workplace, or any evening outings with a stripe pullover and a pair of slim fit jeans and look absolutely stylish.

Get on with these runway styles and make your style statement where ever you step forth.


Style Up With Scarves


Get a hold of this season’s collection of scarves , as it is all about playing with colours, colours that are intriguing and bold, vibrant floral prints that make its way beautifully, and the monochrome checks that uncannily has never became outdated among the fashion frenzy.

Try on few of these prints in scarves that can never go out of trend:

Bold Monotone Scarf

 If you love to accessorize try on these solid bold coloured scarves. Brighten up your look with these accessories and stay rest assured to make a statement. It can pretty well be used on all seasons, you just need to contrast it with the dress you wear, and perhaps a mismatch your scarf with the dress you wear will make you look lively.

Floral Printed Scarves

If you wish to give a more feminine appeal in your look then you definitely love these floral printed scarves. Roses, daisies and jasmine will exude the goddess in you, drape it around with your summer dress, perhaps a spaghetti top or an off shoulder dress and why forget the peppy  playsuit to look equally gorgeous. If you wish to get crazy with your style, tie it up to your head as a band to give yourself an exotic look and as well protect your hair from the crouching sun.

Monochrome Scarves

Monochrome prints scarves pretty much never go out of style ; nevertheless the collection is back to its glory this season, with its ultra bold design and texture. Drape it over your tees or a tank top this summer. During the evening you can just throw it over for a striking look.

You need not be too particular about wearing scarves, check out few of the ways that you can follow to drape it around to give yourself a defined look.

  • A casual drape to simply show off the colours
  • The same drape but then knot it at the front
  • Basic fold and throw it at the nape
  • Fold the square down to smaller square and simply flaunt the print, you can secure it at the back with a scarf ring.
  • A basic Square fold
  • You can also tie it up around your head as a head band and beat the heat this summer.

Remix Fashion


Not many us like to follow  rules when it comes to styling. Then why limit our self with our wardrobe of “Matchy Matchy” top and bottom set. Boring indeed !! This year it is all about Mix and Match! KOOVS is the perfect choice to make this trend flow. Let’s say you like a palazzo bottom with a bandeau top we have it for you or perhaps you choose to wear a crop top with denim short we have it for you.  Any concoction you choose KOOVS delivers it right at your doorstep. Sounds like a super choice for me.

Best part? Most of the choices you make are under Rs 4,000 which is a hard for the quality which the brand delivers.

Let’s stimulate our fashion wisdom and allow the imagination overflow. We start with some solid colors.

Pastels & Color Block:

Wear whatever you wish to! There is no rule or a set of fixed color that you need to follow. I prefer going crazy with colors, for me sky is the limit when you wish to carry your colors. You can mix two bright colors together. Wear a pink ruffled top and team it with your red pastels or color block trousers.

You can play it safe too!! Perhaps a black bottom with a fun bright colored top or you can try the same with a white bottom.

What I got for myself few days back was a navy blue palazzo pants and coupled it with a ruffled white top. The combination looked marvelous and was definitely a head turner.

Denim Pride and animal print:

Denims are versatile! They are one which can be worn with practically anything and everything. The sturdy rugged look of the denim makes it a perfect casual wear. The trend that is on this season is the denim shorts and can best be worn with a crop top. I personally like it very much and one of the best look I can conjure up in a blink; I would team this look with a spike bracelet and gladiators and hit the road.

Let’s not forget this season’s hot “animal print”. This is what you most need this season. An animal print trouser mixed and matched with your pastels top looks sizzling. What had made my jaw drop was the unbelievable price which the look had to offer. It was, in fact less than my budget and I could also get a Lovely floral Handbag with it.

Unbelievable right?  But I strongly recommend you to check the portal and get on with your shopping. Image

Setting the trend with AND

Step into the world of hi-end fashion with AND, a brand that is initiated by Anita Dongre that shows different facets of fashion in her collection; Indian vintage prints, florals, and pastels are some of the few elements of her style. If you want to add a touch of chic to your closet then AND will be the right choice. From tops, dresses to kaftans, her varied range is all geared up to update your wardrobe essentials.

AND’s winter/festive 2012 collection is all about pr


ints and bold hues. The collection reflects style will ooze out the cuts of your length. She is more of a person who is aligned to Indian vintage prints and art. You are sure to love the collection she has to offer for you.

Check out few of the collection she has at KOOVS.

A perfect amalgamation of style and comfort, try on these Kaftan tops and the tunic dresses that Anita Dongre has for you, bright bold colours and vintage prints make her designs charming. For all those who love to add Indian accents to their dressing, “AND” wouldn’t let you down. You can wear these kaftan tops with a pair of ballerinas or pumps and a pair of plain leggings. To punctuate the look you can carry a small mirror clutch. Avoid too much of jewelry as the prints are bold enough to do without accessorizing the look. You can choose simply tie up the hair and set out for the evening.

You can see a perfect play with stripes this season with AND, the shuffling of colors with a use of sheer fabric makes these pieces very desirable. The collection is more of western outfit with a touch of the colors of India. Excellent for your everyday wear; team it up with a pair of slim fit jeans or a dark bold jeggings , couple up with a high heeled pumps carry on a leather sling handbag for a head turner look.

Confused how to stand out this summer? This calls for floral prints; the print not only hides figure flaws but also make you look cute. You can accessorize floral prints with some metal charm bracelet and a dainty chain sling bag, oversized glares. Wear a pair of soft ballerinas and out you are dressed up for a summer day out.